Welcome to Dierenkliniek Katwijk

The Veterinary Clinic in Katwijk aan Zee.

Keeping your pet healthy and fit is the aim of our customer directed and enthusiastic team of Dierenkliniek Katwijk. We like to provide our pet-owners with good advice and relevant information, providing high quality medical care and by showing real interest in owners and their pets. We would like to guide you both through your pet’s life, hoping you will have a pleasant time together. A healthy happy pet is our goal!

Team Dierenkliniek Katwijk

We pursue optimal veterinary care through professional clinical examination, blood tests, urinalysis, radiology and surgery. We aim at solutions. We work closely together with specialists in all medical fields when needed, like internal medicine, dermatology, (orthopedic) surgery, oncology, physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Veterinarians drs. Malou Koelewijn and drs. Lianne van Dalen enjoy all aspects of veterinary medicine. The veterinarian technicians Tessa, Gerty, Vera, Lianne, Jaimy en Danielle can take care of diabetes/weight control, can perform urinalysis or blood-pressure measurements and can also help you with other petcare aspects, like nail- or wing-clipping. They will be pleased to answer all your questions. Tessa is also a licensed dog trainer, she has her own dog training center in Noordwijkerhout and she is a dog behavior therapist. She can help you with all aspects of dog behavior.

You can find our team of veterinarians and assistants here.

Health care

For a healthy and fit animal life, we advise annual vaccination for the dog, cat, rabbit and ferret. For those animals which are not going to be bred, we recommend neutering. We advise flea/tick control especially during the spring- and summer- months and help you remember the necessary protection against sandflies, ticks and heartworm when travelling to a warm climate. We recommend microchip identification for all pets (if this has not already been done), so that they can be retrieved easier, should they get lost.


Team Dierenkliniek Katwijk is happy to help you and your pet. Don’t hesitate to call our veterinary clinic for advice or for an appointment.

Please call +31 71 40 129 30. Everyone in our team speaks English.

We are looking forward to see you!